Grades 1-8 Overview

All classes begin in church so that we may put ourselves in the presence of God. Catechists then bring students into the classrooms where they lead the students in bible study and prayer.

Faith Formation is cumulative with each grade level focusing on a particular theme: 

Grade 1: We learn that God made our beautiful world.  God made each of us.  Everything God made is good!
Grade 2: We learn that Jesus forgives us when we are sorry.  In the sacrament of Reconciliation, we receive forgiveness and grace.  We will receive Jesus’ Body and Blood when we receive the Eucharist.
Grade 3: We learn that we are the Church.  We belong to Jesus.  We grow closer to Jesus if we follow him.
Grade 4: We learn that God gave us ten commandments to keep us safe and close to Him.  Jesus gave us the Great Commandment and the Beatitudes.
Grade 5: We learn that the seven sacraments are signs that bring us closer to God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Grade 6: We learn the history of our religious ancestors and their journeys as they looked forward to the coming of the Messiah.  We study this in the Hebrew scriptures, or the Old Testament.
Grades 7 & 8: The students learn the meaning of discipleship and prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. They become full and complete Christians.